Bloomington Speedway

Robert Ballou Wins On The Last Lap In Another Josh Burton Memorial Classic
Logan Seavey Wins The Larry Rice Classic At Bloomington Speedway
Robert Ballou Wins On The Last Lap In Another Josh Burton Memorial Classic

Robert Ballou Wins On The Last Lap In Another Josh Burton Memorial Classic

5/29/2024 -
The weather was awesome after the rain missed us to honor Josh Burton in the 11th Annual Memorial Race. 34 sprints with a loaded field of talent ente
Logan Seavey Wins The Larry Rice Classic At Bloomington Speedway

Logan Seavey Wins The Larry Rice Classic At Bloomington Speedway

5/15/2024 -
It was beautiful weather Friday night for the Usac Larry Rice Classic. 34 sprints loaded the pits and qualifying would be intense with some new names

Brayden Fox In Victory Lane At Bloomington Speedway


Bloomington Speedway

Brayden Fox In Victory Lane At Bloomington Speedway

The 410 non wings had 25 entries with a tough field. The 3 fast times in their groups were Braxton Cummings 12.274, Geoff Ensign 11. 874 and Nick Bilbee 11.632. The heat race invert was a 2. Heat races would be really wild because the moisture in the track was still really good making it so the non wing heroes were ripping some fast times. Heat race 1 was won by Brent Beauchamp who came from 3rd to win it over Brayden Fox and Brady Short who came from 5th. Heat race 2 Geoff Ensign was able to hold off Tye Mihocko and Jadon Rogers in another heat with a lot of speed. The final heat had 2 bad deals. Cindy Chambers flipped in turn 1 and we hope she makes a speedy recovery in a scary sudden stop flip. During the heat another bad deal as Jordan Kinser running up front had a tire go flat during the red and would have to start toward the rear of the feature. Nick Bilbee would win the heat 3 over Brandon Spencer and Zack Pretorius. This setup the A main and we ran all 25 cars with an invert of 2. Geoff Ensign took the early lead and was starting to see the back of the field by lap 10. Geoff's great run in the 3 car came to an abrupt stop in turn 4 after making contact with a lapped car. This gave the lead over to Brayden Fox. Brayden had came from 4th to take the top spot and was running the low line with the lead. Jadon Rogers was getting the top cushion to really work as he had came from 8th to 2nd with 5 laps to go in the feature. With Brayden running really consistent laps on the bottom he was able to hold off Jadon and get a big win and his first win at Bloomington Speedway in the 410 non wings. Congrats to Brayden and the entire Fox team for the big win and we knew eventually it would happen as Brayden has had some great top 5 performances this year. Following Brayden Fox at the finish it was Jadon Rogers, Nick Bilbee, Tye Mihocko and Harley Burns. Thanks to all the 25 teams for coming out on a Friday night at Bloomington and once again a huge congrats to the entire Fox family for the victory.
The Racesaver 305's had 22 entries. The fast times were Bradley Sterrett 11.483, Ryan Tusing 11.502 and Justin Matthews 11.823. The heat invert was a 1. Bradley was able to win the 1st heat over Jordan Welch and Carson Dillion. Heat race 2 was won by Ethan Barrow over Ryan Tusing and John Paynter Jr. The final heat was won by Cody Trammell over Tres Mehler and Justin Matthews. This setup the 22 car feature with an invert of a 1 also. The 21A of Bradley Sterrett was a rocket early and he would lead the field early. Cars were running the bottom and top and the lap times were at a very fast pace. By lap 10 Bradley was in heavy lapped traffic and needed to dice through the traffic to hold his nice lead over Ethan Barrow. By lap 10 the 2 hard chargers from the back were Bradley Galedrige from 14th to the top 5 and Carson Dillion from 7th and made it to 3rd. Kayla Martin was also passing a lot of people as she made it from 15th to 8th. Bradley Sterrett was running through the lapped traffic just fine as he had lapped 6 cars going into the final 5 laps. Bradley would be able to hold on through the lapped cars and take the big win over Ethan Barrow, Carson Dillion, Bradley Galedrige and Cody Trammell holding on for 5th. Thanks to the 305 teams who put on a great show.
The UMP Mods had 10 cars on hand and the 2 fast times were Caleb Demoss 13.395 and Derek Groomer 13.307. The invert for the heats was a 3. The first heat had John Demoss win from the pole over Jeff Deckard and Tyler Loughmiller. The 2nd heat had Jacoby Hines win over Logan Mounce and Derek Groomer. This setup the 20 lap A main and the invert wheel spin was a 1 so the heat winners were also the front row. On the start of the A main Jacoby got a great start and took his Diamond to the front. Jacoby was able to run a fast pace using the low and middle grooves of the red clay. Caleb Demoss who missed his heat had to start 10th and by the halfway point he made it to 5th. With like 5 laps to go trying to get to 4th Caleb just hit the cushion hard and luckily did not flip the car but lost his run to the front and dropped back to 6th. Jacoby was strong on a restart after a caution was brought out for Derek Groomer in turn 2. Jacoby Hines would hold on for the big feature win over John Demoss, Logan Mounce, Tyler Loughmiller and Jeff Deckard rounding out the top 5.
The UMP Super Stocks had 9 cars for the night and the 2 fast times were Jeff Allen 13.930 and Matt Boknecht 13.880. The wheel spin for the heats was a 4. Heat 1 was won by Isaiah Sasser who held off Jeff Allen and Hayden Groomer. Heat 2 was won by Josh Litton over Matt Boknecht and Justin Litton. The feature invert spin was a 1 which also put the heat race winners your front row for the A. Isaiah and Josh had a good battle early for the top spot. By lap 5 though it was the number 1 who has been very good every week at the red clay Matt Boknecht taking the top spot over and he would be very strong after taking the lead over Isaiah. Matt would run a smooth 20 laps taking the win over Isaiah Sasser, Jeff Allen, Josh Litton and Hayden Groomer rounding out the top 5 spots. Thanks goes to all the teams for coming to Bloomington Speedway Friday night. Next Friday at the red clay it will be Indiana Midget Week battling it out and our regular sprint field which always is a great show year after year. See you next Friday for USAC Midget Week.

Article Credit: Kenny Clark

Submitted By: Jill Spiker

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